DevOps Engineer

Job description

Who are we, and why are we hiring?

We're based on over 15 years of success, producing world-class video content and building, developing, and managing a number of high-traffic websites. Our success is down to Kodify's distinct teamwork, where each and every one of us plays a key role in getting us one step closer to our goals. Our award-winning content and websites are created exclusively by us and directly for the use of millions of users worldwide.


At Kodify, we love tech and are always thinking about what’s next! R&D and optimizations are part of our spirit. We work hard on consistently maintaining the highest level of professionalism. The video streaming industry has been growing a lot since last year and as a result, we need to expand our team to release the great ideas we’ve in mind.


What will you do?

You’ll help to evolve a platform that supports 100M unique visitors a month. Improving areas such as:

  • Developer experience in a microservice environment

  • Reliability

  • Platform observability

  • Application security and risk management

  • Performance and automation of production, staging and development environments

You’ll mainly do it inside the Node.js ecosystem, JavaScript mostly but TypeScript adoption is growing in the company.


What we expect from you the first 1, 3, 6 months

After 1 month

You are familiar with all the team members and participate in some discussions about the product and features. You can navigate across the development environment and have a clear understanding of the architecture.

After 3 months

Peer programming is now part of your life and you gained independence while the initial work you’ve done started to bring value to the product. You’ve started to familiarize yourself with Grafana and are becoming accustomed to working with PromQL.

After 6 months

At this point you share your opinions with the rest of the members of your teams without a problem and the gap in terms of internal tooling experience is not a problem anymore. You’ve deployed to production many times and probably improved a few steps of the process


How will you do it?


You’ll be joining a team at the very early stages, so you’ll be part of the process's decision and constantly work with the dev teams and the sys team to coordinate.

  • You’ll do coding in JavaScript and TypeScript.

  • Be very familiar with the Node.js ecosystem in terms of profiling and debugging tools.

  • You’re very comfortable with Unix tools, net-tools, and bind-utils are part of the family.

  • Testing is critical for you and us, as we used to lack in that area in the past and suffered the consequences.

  • You will know about containers, BuildKit, and Docker.

  • Working with others. You’ll work with people with years of experience on that tooling and will support you and assist you at any time.

    Where and when

From wherever you want, the position is fully remote in the EU.

We’re very flexible about when you get your work done, but we do have some core hours where we like to overlap in order to promote collaboration and low-latency communication between team members (10:00 to 15:00 CET).

Our daily virtual stand-ups are important for us but other than that, you’re free to manage your own time.


What we offer

  • Fully remote position or, if preferred, working in our awesome Barcelona office!

  • Agile environment

  • Top-notch tech stack!

  • Upskill Fridays! Developers take time on Fridays to improve your skills, learn and research new trends that will allow us to level up our stack and processes

  • Flexible working hours + core hours!

  • 10% on top of your salary for learning and development - of your choice!

  • Latest tech equipment - MacBook Pro or Dell XPS

  • Company Amazon book account!

  • Kodify off-sites, quarterly on-sites, events, and team activities!

  • Amazing international team!

  • ½ day off on your birthday

  • Generous vacation and personal days

  • 1 month paid sabbatical after 3 years

  • Extended parental leave

  • Health & Wellness budget

  • Mobile phone reimbursement


We’re looking for someone with the following profile:

  • A team player who likes to help others and find solutions together

  • You have a real ‘Can Do’ work ethic - We are results-based, not clock-based!

  • Your sense of humor will bring a new dynamic to the team - you love to have fun while you work!

  • Unix knowledge

  • Node.js ecosystem experience

  • Docker

  • Observability tools (I.E: Prometheus, Grafana)

  • CI/CD

We also really value experience in:

  • Auth

  • GraphQL

  • Kubernetes

  • Networking

  • CDN