Director - Risk, Fraud & Online Payments

Job description

At Kodify we manage several high traffic web platforms developed using the latest technologies and we work hard to provide the best experience for our users.

We are looking for a Director of Risk, Fraud & Online Payments with a successful background in billing and e-commerce.  

Working directly under the VP of Operations & Business Development, you will play a strategic role in the growth of the company, by ensuring the development of our growing in-house expertise in online billing processing (B2C).

The ideal candidate is a driven individual that possesses great analytical skills, with acute business acumen. You will have a wealth of business experience, and a demonstrable track record in e-commerce payment aspects, which include credit card, direct debit and alternative/emerging payment methods.

Focusing on the billing pages of our websites, you will be analyzing the data related to the transactions submitted by our customers. You will be working with the product development and business intelligence group to come up with new ideas to improve our performance and test those through multiple A/B tests, while conducting analysis to identify trends, patterns, risks and opportunities.

You will also oversee in parallel our strategy aimed at preventing fraud and chargebacks by working with various internal and external stakeholders to identify and take action on suspicious transactions while finding ways to mitigate them in the first instance.

Having a close relationship with the customer support department, you will bring them insights and help define business logic for their interaction with the customer’s inquiries related to billing, whilst also being able to manage cross-functional and dynamic teams over various locations if required.

You will also develop direct relationships with our existing and potential banks to make sure our banking setup matches the needs of our rapid growth.

Ultimately, your goal will be  to maximize the revenues of the company by keeping a balance between the online transactions throughput and optimal price point while taking preventive actions to minimize the risks related to fraudulent activities, chargebacks and refunds.



  • Build reports to monitor real-time results.

  • Run A/B tests, develop statistical analysis models, write analysis.

  • Monitor daily online sales performance.

  • Take action and institute processes to minimize refund and chargebacks.

  • Bring data backed insights and recommendations to various teams.

  • Adopt a risk management approach towards fraud and other processing risks.

  • Entertain direct communication channels with external parties like banks, ISO and third party processing providers.

  • Own the billing backlog and see that we have an proactive strategy.

  • Benchmark competition and source literature to come up with best practices.

  • Come up with cost/benefit and ROI analysis on various initiatives.

  • Help in developing a more data-driven culture in the company.

  • Occasionally travel to attend events and trade shows related to the billing industry.


  • Excellent communication skills in both oral and written English

  • Bachelor's’ Degree in business, economics, accounting, actuary or statistics.

  • 3+ years of experience in data analysis.

  • Good business acumen.

  • Strategic thinking;

  • Good understanding of web technologies and e-commerce.

  • Experience/Knowledge of online processing and billing is an asset.

  • Love data and can find patterns and trends quickly.

  • Good at thinking outside of the box.

  • Ability to develop and follow through a structured approach to a complex problem.

  • Systematic thinking and capacity to see the big picture.

  • Used to working in a fast-paced and result-driven environment.

  • Good team player.

  • Available to travel outside of the country a few times per year.

  • Ambitious and driven who wants to play an important role in an established and fast growing company.